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Ali-zadeh Mirza-agha Haji-bala oglu
Mirza-aga Alizadeh was born on March 15, 1910 in the oilman family in Amirjan settlement, Baku. After graduating from the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute, he worked in various fields of farming. He was a postgraduate student in Moscow (1936-1939) and began his scientific activity under the leadership of the outstanding scientist D.A.Sabini in the field of plant physiology. During the postgraduate studies, he carried out scientific work in biological fixation of molecular nitrogen in leguminous plants and defended his dissertation on the basis of results obtained (1940). He worked as senior researcher, then deputy director at Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Cotton growing (1943-1944). He was a laboratory director at the Azerbaijan Research Institute of Multiple Plants and Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture (1944-1961).

From 1961 till the end of his life he worked at the Institute of Genetics and Selection of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan as head of Plant Physiology Laboratory.

M. Alizadeh was a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (1968) and an active member (1980).

A great part of M. Alizade's scientific activity is dedicated to studying the growth and development of river bushes in connection with water regime. The scientist found that the active growth in the tea plant depends on the nucleic exchange. The author has developed a practical action plan that provides greater growth and stratum throughout the year. He defended his dissertation on the theme of "The growth characteristics of tea buds in the subtropical waters of Azerbaijan" and received a doctorate in biological sciences in plant physiology (1959). The most productive period of M.Alizadeh's scientific activity coincides with the years he worked in Azerbaijan AS Genetics and Selection Institute. In those years, he has worked extensively with his young students and colleagues in researching nucleic acids and has gained many results that have attracted the attention of the science world. M. Alizadeh and his colleagues for the first time obtained interesting results explaining the molecular-genetic basis of the heterosis phenomenon. 

M.Alizadeh is the author of 4 monographs, more than 200 scientific articles and several inventions. Under his leadership, 15 candidates of sciences and 2 doctors of sciences have been trained.

He was 2 times awarded with the Order of Honor and 3 medals.

Academician Mirza-Aga Alizadeh died on May 5, 1981 in Baku.

 (1910- 1981)