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Amirkhanov Habibulla Ibrahim oglu
Habibulla Ibrahim oglu Amirkhanov was born on May 7, 1907 in Korod village of Dagestan. He received his PhD in Physics and Mathematics and title of professor in 1942.

In 1949, he was an active member of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and in 1972 he was elected corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

He was head of the Physics Sector of  USSR AS Azerbaijan branch in 1935, director of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics of Azerbaijan AS (1945-1950), chairman of the Presidium of Dagestan Branch of USSR AS, director of Dagestan branch of the USSR Institute of Physics and head of Physics Department of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute. H.Amirkhanov's researches are dedicated to oil physics, semiconductors, geophysics and physical thermodynamics. He designed devices that have high accuracy to measure the thermal conductivity. He was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the USSR for the adiabatic calorimeter he invented. He is one of the authors of the new method based on mass spectrometry to determine the absolute age of rocks. As a student of academician A.F.Ioffen, he became a member of the School of Semiconductors and created a great scientific school with his students and colleagues.

Under H. Amirkhanov's leadership and direct participation in various scientific directions - semiconductor physics, oil physics, geophysics and physical thermodynamics, physical properties of metal, oil products and extensive results have been obtained in the field of radioactivity studies of Naftalan oil, Caspian Sea waters and Absheron region. He studied quantum oscillation of spin breakdown and magnetic resistance of Landau levels in a powerful magnetic field. He is the author of more than 400 scientific works and 13 monographs.

He was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Russia and Dagestan.

H. Amirkhanov was awarded the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored Scientist of the Azerbaijan SSR (1946) and Dagestan's Soviet Socialist Republic, and was awarded with the gold medal of Vavilov. The name of H. Amirkhanov was given to the Institute of Physics of the Dagestan Scientific Center.

Academician Habibulla Amirkhanov died in 1986.