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Huseynov Jabrayil Mukhtar oglu
Huseynov Jabrayil  was born on January 16, 1913 in Sheki. He graduated from the agronomic faculty of the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute (1934).

Huseynov Jabrayil  received the degree of candidate (1939) and the doctor of agricultural sciences (1947), the title of professor (1948). He became a corresponding member of ANAS (1949) and as active member of ANAS (1961). He worked as an assistant at the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute and a senior researcher at the Azerbaijan Research Institute of Cotton Growing (1934-1936).

He was a graduate student of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Land (1936-1939).

He worked as a senior researcher in the sector of geography in the USSR Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijani branch (1940), director of the department of geography and agrochemistry (1944-1945).

He was the first director of the Institute of Geography and Agrochemistry of the Azerbaijan SSR (1945) and held this position until 1952. He was a professor of the biological faculty of the ASU (1952-1969).

In 1963 he was elected as director of the Institute and worked in this position until the end of his life (1974).

In the republic, scientists carried out important research in the field of mineral and organic fertilizers, including phosphorus fertilizers. At his suggestion, a plant was built in Sumgait that produces superphosphates derived from used sulfuric acid, which is a waste of the oil industry. Huseynov Jabrayil for the first time gave theoretical basis for the production of superphosphate from wastes of acid tars and achieved its use in production. In 1958-1963 years. The oil growth substances extracted by academician J.Huseynov from waste from the oil refinery industry aroused great interest not only in the republic, but all over the world. Taking into account the great economic importance, NRW was used as an active substance in various sowing zones of the republic, during the sowing of various agricultural crops (127,000 hectares). The latest research was mainly devoted to the wide application of new organic mineral fertilizers in agriculture, as well as the abundant stocks of bituminous rocks and oil shale in the country.

Huseynov Jabrayil  author 200 scientific works, including 6 monographs and 12 copyright certificates.

He was awarded the State Prize of the USSR (1950), twice - the Order of the Badge of Honor (1943, 1951) and 5 different medals.

Academician Huseynov Jabrayil  died in Baku in 1974.