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Huseynov Jalil Yusif oglu
J. Huseynov worked as an assistant, associate professor, professor of the Department of Pathological Anatomy (1924-1946), led by a prominent scientist, academician I.I.Shirokogorov. In 1925 J.Huseynov headed the South-Mugan group of the Mugan malaria expedition, headed the department of pathological anatomy of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute (1946-1979) and also was engaged in scientific and educational activities. The scientist was the chief pathologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1946-1979).J. Huseynov became famous as a prominent scientist in the field of pathological anatomy. The goal focus of his scientific work was the study of the pathogenesis and pathology of necrosis and gangrene during malaria, tropical malaria, anthrax, typhus and the study of pathomorphology of the peripheral nervous system during various diseases.The scientist is the author of about 200 scientific papers, monographs, textbooks and teaching aids. For the first time, a scientist at the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute gave lectures, conducted practical exercises in the Azerbaijani language on histology, microbiology and pathological anatomy. J. Huseynov is the author of the textbook "General Pathological Anatomy" (1963), "Special Pathological Anatomy" (1977), awarded the State Prize of the Azerbaijan SSR (1979).As a result of the research work conducted by him J.Huseynov published 2 classical monographs “On the Pathomorphology of the Peripheral Nervous System - Receptors and Synapses” (1957) and “On Structural Changes of Receptors and Synapses in Pathology microscopic examination" (1965).J. Huseynov has compiled and developed a terminological vocabulary of histology, pathological anatomy and pathological physiology consisting of 2500 terms in Azerbaijani. Under his leadership were protected 15 Doctors of Sciences, 28 PhD. The scientist took part in a number of international conferences, symposiums, made scientific reports.Since 1946 J.Huseynov was the chairman of the Azerbaijan Society of Pathologists, since 1971 - an honorary member of the All-Union Society of Pathologists, and since 1976 - a member of the editorial board of the Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia.The scientist was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science" (1957) and he was twice awarded the Order of Lenin for effective scientific and pedagogical activity, twice - the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, "Badge of Honor" and several medals.Academician Huseynov Jalil died on March 21, 1979 in Baku.