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Karimov Jahangir Abbas oglu
Acting member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Karimov Jahangir was born on July 18, 1923 in Baku.In 1942, J.Karimov after finishing of the Baku School of Anti-aircraft Artillery was sent to the Transcaucasian Front and participated in the Great Patriotic War. Fired on May 29, 1946.In 1946 J.Karimov graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Law Institute, in 1950 he received the degree of PhD and in 1961 - Doctor of Science.In 1966, J.Karimov was elected as corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and in 1967 - an active member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.In 1965-1969 J.Karimov worked as vice-rector of Leningrad State University, in 1989-1991 - USSR People's Deputy, a member of USSR Supreme Council.J.Karimov is a specialist in philosophical problems of legal science, social planning and management, the theory of state and law. The works of the scientist are devoted to the general theory of law, sociology of law and legal philosophy, legislative technique, legal psychology, cybernetics, and comprehensive social prevention of offenses. By the scientist were published 40 monographs and over 700 scientific articles.The scientist was an academician of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Finnish Academy of Sciences and Literature, Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Russian Academy of Social Sciences, the International Academy of Information Processes and Technologies, the Academy of Political Sciences of the Russian Federation, the International Academy of Informatization, the Honorary Vice Rector of the Hong Kong Institute of International Law and Economics , chief researcher at the Institute of Social and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State Law Academy also a member of the Department of Social Sciences.Laureate of the USSR State Prize J.Karimov was awarded the orders and medals of many foreign countries.J.Karimov died on February 22, 2015 in Moscow.