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Kocharli Tofig Gasim oglu
Active member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Kocharli Tofig was born on February 11, 1929 in Isaly village, Gedabey region. In 1950 he graduated with honors from the history Department of Baku State University.In 1955 T.Kocharli received the degree of PhD, in 1965 - Doctor of Science and in 1966 - Professor. In 1980 T.Kocharli was elected a corresponding member and in 1989 - active member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.From 1950, T.Kocharli began working as a teacher at the Institute of Teachers in Guba. In 1956 - main teacher in the Ganja Pedagogical Institute after Hasan bay Zardabi. In 1957-1965 he worked as a chief researcher at the Institute of Party History under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan and in 1965-1972 - as head of the history department of the Baku Higher Party School.T.Kocharli is the author of books and monographs on topical issues of modern Azerbaijani history, as well as over 200 articles.Written by T.Kocharli in 1990-2007 7 monographs, as well as numerous articles and speeches were devoted to the historical roots of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the exposure of the crimes committed by Armenian extremists against our people. His works “Karabakh”, “Nakhchivan: falsification and truths”, Letter addressed to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (“Armenian Falsification”), “Towards the History of the Karabakh Problem” and other works are rich in valuable documents and accurate data on ancient and modern history Karabakh and Nakhchivan.T.Kocharli was awarded a number of orders and medals, including the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, awarded the title "Honored Worker of Science". In 2006, he received the International Award for Peace “Ambassador for Peace”.The scientist took an active part in the social and political life of the country. He was elected to the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic (three convocations), as well as a member of the National Council of the Azerbaijan Republic. T.Kocharli repeatedly worthily represented the Azerbaijani science and politics in foreign countries.Under the leadership of T.Kocharli many doctors and candidates of science defended themselves.Active member of ANAS Tofig Kocharli died on October 30, 2007 in Baku.