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Gasimzadeh Feyzulla Samad oglu

Active member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Gasimzade Feyzulla Samad oglu was born on February 22, 1898 in Mardakan, Baku.

The scientist received an education at the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute (1923-1925), then graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Azerbaijan State University (1926-1929), after which he became a graduate student at the Azerbaijan State Scientific Research Institute (1929-1931). He defended his PhD in Philology (1939), Doctoral thesis (1955) and then received the academic title of Professor (1957).

In 1962, F.Gasimzade was elected as a corresponding member and in 1967 – as an active member of ANAS.

He worked as a teacher of language and literature in Baku schools and in schools of Absheron, at the Baku Pedagogical Technical School (1928-1929), at the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute (1929-1931) and as a trainer-instructor at the National Commissariat of Education (1931-1938).

F. Gasimzade is known as the first literary historian in the literary and scientific thought of Azerbaijan. Fundamental research related to the rich and fruitful period in the history of Azerbaijani literature (XIX century) is also associated with his name. A scientist all his life he studied the historical and theoretical questions of the literature of that period and created the fundamental works that became a school for writers.

The main feature defining the principles and methods of scientific research of the scientist is a reference to manuscripts and memoirs, archival documents and materials, as well as the creation of monographs on representatives of the literature, based on the facts he has revealed.

Work of a scientist “History of Azerbaijani literature of the XIX century” (1956, 1962, 1974), which is the result of hard work and scientific research of a scientist, serves as a valuable and irreplaceable scientific source in terms of studying the literature of that period and analyzing literary and artistic thought.

F.Gasimzade awarded the Order of the “Red Banner of Labor” (1953, 1967) and medals. He received the honorary title "Honored Teacher" (1943), and "Honored Scientist" (1958).

Academician Feyzulla Gasimzade died on March 29, 1976 in Mardakan.