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Gasimzadeh Fuad Feyzulla oglu
Fuad Gasimzade was born on October 22, 1929 in Baku. In 1947-1952 he studied at the history department of Azerbaijan State University. In 1954 he defended his PhD and in 1966 - doctoral thesis. In 1989 Fuad Gasimzade was elected as corresponding member of ANAS and in 2001 an active member.F.Gasimzade 60th years old worked as a teacher and head of the department of philosophy in technical faculties of Azerbaijan State University.For more than half a century F.Gasimzade studied theoretical problems of philosophical science, social philosophy, ontology and the theory of knowledge, as well as aesthetics, the study of the philosophical history of the Middle Ages of Azerbaijan and the East, and controversial issues. Academician Fuad Gasimzade has long been a member and chairman of the Defense Council at Baku State University.He was awarded the highest awards of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan - the orders "Shohrat" and "Istiglal". For merits in the development of education and science in Azerbaijan.F.Gasimzade published 30 books and more than 500 scientific articles during his research activities. The main area of ​​study of F.Gasimzade was the philosophical public opinion of Azerbaijan, social philosophy, ontology, theory of knowledge and aesthetics.Under his leadership were trained more than 30 PhD and Doctors of science.Academician F.Gasimzade died on August 3, 2010 in Baku.