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Guliyev Alakbar Mammad oglu

Guliyev Alakbar was born on September 27, 1911 in Tbilisi. After graduating from the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute in April. Since 1939 he was approved as a senior teacher in the department of botany. Under the guidance of academician A.A.Grossheim he studied the honey-bearing and pollen plants of Ganja and Khanlar regions. The results of these studies formed the basis of his doctoral dissertation. In 1941 defended a PhD in Biology. In 1950 received a Doctor degree in Biology, in 1952 - Professor and in 1967 he was elected as academician of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

A.Guliyev held a number of scientific, government and public positions. In 1944-1955 he was Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy of the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute, Head of the Department of Selection and Systematics.

From 1962 until the end of his life, academician Guliyev Alakbar worked as head of the technical and forage crops department.

A.Guliyev is the author of 11 monographs, more than 288 scientific works, including the author of four scientific articles and 13 varieties (copyright certificate and patent) published in Italy, Bulgaria and Japan.

A.Guliyev was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and a number of medals, including the "Honored Inventor of the USSR" also the Honored Worker of Science in 1960 for his scientific and social activities.

Academician Alakbar Guliyev died in 1983 in Baku.