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Mustafayev Imam Dashdamir oglu

Mustafayev Imam was born on February 25, 1910 in Kakh, Zagatala region (now the Gakh region). He graduated from the Zagatala Agricultural Technical School (1928), the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute (1932). In the period from 1932 to 1934 he was a graduate student in the department of genetics, breeding and seed production of the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute. He defended his thesis at the Moscow Agricultural Academy, received a PhD degree in agricultural sciences (1938) and then - Doctor of biological sciences.

He collected more than 2000 samples of barley, rye, oats, egilops and over ten thousand varieties of wheat and other grain plants on the territory of the Transcaucasian republics. The scientist is the author of several varieties of wheat - “Sevinj”, “Jeffery”, “Zogal Bugda”, “Turgidum - 7”, “Turanikim-186”, “Gizil Bugda”.

He was a member of international conferences, a member of the European Association of Breeders, coordinator and leader of the work “Collecting, studying and storing the gene pool of varieties and the local population of mutants, wildly growing forms and cultivated plants”, “Special selection of plants of the main agriculture”, as well as distant hybridization.

Under the leadership of I.Mustafayev 75 PhD of science and 4 Doctors of science were trained. He published 5 monographs, 332 scientific articles and theses on crop production, breeding and various genetics. He was awarded the Order of the Labor Red Banner, the Badge of Honor, Friendship of Peoples, as well as 5 medals. The scientist was awarded 3 large, 1 gold and 1 silver medals of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

Academician Imam Mustafayev died on March 10, 1997 in Baku.