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Sumbatzadeh Alisohbat Sumbat oglu

Academician Sumbatzadeh Alisohbatwas born on January 21, 1907 in Baku. In 1926 he entered the Faculty of Oriental Studies, the Department of History and Ethnology of Azerbaijan State University (now BSU) and graduated in 1930.

In 1930, A.Sumbatzadehreceived a PhD, in 1948 a Doctor of science, in 1954 received a degree of Professor, in the same year he was elected as a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, in 1958 as an active member.

A.Sumbatzadehworked in such positions as Vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in 1957-59, head of Department at the Institute of Economics in 1959-63, in 1963-1969. - Director of the Institute of the Peoples of the Near and Middle East, 1970-1972 Director of the Institute of History, 1970-1981 Academician-Secretary of the Department of Social Sciences, Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan In 1982-1992 was the head of the department in the Scientific Information Center for Social Sciences.

A.Sumbatzade was a researcher of the socio-economic history of the beginning of the XIX – XX centuries, editor and author of collective scientific works: "Development of the economy of Soviet Azerbaijan in the modern era" (Baku, 1980),"History of Soviet science in 1975-1979" (Moscow, 1980),"Ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people "(Baku , 1988) and others.

A.Sumbatzade has great achievements in the training of scientific personnel. He spoke with reports both internationally and nationally at symposiums, conferences and congresses (Tashkent-1957, Moscow-1960, Tehran-1966, Dushanbe-1968, Moscow-Leningrad-1970, Ashkhabad-1972, Berlin-1973, Ulan Bator 1974, San Francisco 1975, Edinburgh 1978, Bucharest 1980, etc.). He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, various medals, and was awarded the honorary title "Honored Scientist of the Azerbaijan SSR".

A.Sumbatzade died in 1992 in Baku.