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Volobuyev Vladimir Rodionovich
Volobuyev Vladimir was born on July 25, 1909 in Krasnodar. He graduated from the Kuban Agricultural Institute (1930).

Received a PhD degree (1944) and a Doctor of Sciences (1944), then became a Professor. He was elected as a corresponding member (1955) and as an active member (1958) of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences of.

V.Volobuyev worked as a senior soil scientist at the Institute of Water Management of the Transcaucasus in Tbilisi (1931-1937), returning to Baku, headed the Department of Soil Physics of the Soil Science Division of the Academy of Sciences (1939-1941).

He supervised the soil expedition Southern Mugan, Great Karachali, Pir Araks, Shirvan and Kura-Araz lowlands. He worked as deputy director in the Azerbaijan branch of the Caucasus Research Institute of Water Management (1945-1946).

As a result of studies of large irrigation and reclamation facilities, the scientist established the principles of reclamation zoning and created a theory of their washing. Identified 6 genetic forms of salt migration processes. Developed issues of ecology, classification and diagnostics of soil. Developed the scientific foundations of education on the energy of soil formation in the republic.

The scientist is the author of 5 books, 156 articles, 4 maps and 5 patents.

Prepared 15 Doctors of Science and 2 PhDs.

V. Volobuyevwas a member of the former Central Council of the International Union of Soil Scientists and the Scientific and Technical Council of the USSR Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Management.

Twice awarded the State Prize after Mendeleev, received the title of "Honored Worker of Science."

Academician Vladimir Volobuyevdied on November 5, 1987 in Baku.