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Ibrakhimov Ismail Ali oglu
Ibrahimov Ismail was born on December 31, 1915 Ordubad. In 1941 he graduated from the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute with a instrumentation and automation degree. In 1964 he received a doctor of technical sciences, in 1968 he received the academic title of Professor, in 1968 was elected as corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and in 1980 he was elected a active member.  In 1941-1945 he participated in the Great Patriotic War. From 1946 he worked at the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry as a senior laboratory assistant, assistant, senior lecturer, assistant professor, Professor, department head, secretary of the party committee, rector (1960-1970, 1978-1988), scientific adviser (1988-1997).From 1988, he was chair of the Azerbaijan branch of the Children's Fund of the Soviet Union, from 1991 - chair of the Children's Fund of Azerbaijan, vice-president of the International Association of Children's Foundations, chair of the scientific council on data processing and management systems of the coordinating scientific research council of the Republic. I.Ibrahimov was a specialist in the field of automatic control of control and analysis and application of fuzzy systems. He created his own scientific school, had training more than 40 PhDs and doctors of science.He is the author of 140 scientific papers, textbooks, scientific, methodological and historical books.He was a member of the oil department of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR, the editor of the journal Scientific News of Higher Educational Institutions of the USSR and the All-Union Journal Oil and Gas.In 1941-1945 he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War (I and II degree), three times with the Orders of the Red Banner of Labor (1961, 1967, 1976), the Order of the October Revolution (1971), two orders of Lenin, and the Order of the Red Star, Order of the German Democratic Republic, the medal "For Heroism". He awarded the title "Honored Scientist of the Republic of Azerbaijan" (1981), laureate of the USSR State Prize in science and technology (1983). He was also awarded the title "Honorary Oilman of the USSR" (1985) and the Hero of Socialist Labor (1986).Ismail Ibrahimov passed away on July 16, 2016.