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Aleksandrov Anatoliy Petrovich (1903-1994)

The Soviet physicist Alexandrov Anatoliy Petrovich was born in Tarashee (Kiyev) in 1903. After he finished Kiyev University in 1930 he worked for Physicial-Technical University. In 1943 he had been elected to be member- correspondent in 1953- the member of the Akademy of Sciencies of USSR. In 1975 he became the president of the Akademy of Sciencies of USSR. Later he had been elected the member of Swedish Royal Engineering Akademy and Hungarian Akademy of Sciencies. Since 1946 Tiee 1955 he had been working for tne Institute of Physicial Problems of the Akademy of Sciencies of USSR. In 1960 he worked as the direktor of the Institute of Afomic Energy after named I.V.Kurchatov. His scientific works are dedicated to the physics of dielectics and to the learing of the properties of high polymeric combinations.

He suggested the theory of solids. He worked out (1936) the method of anti-mine protektion of the warships that had been used during the Great Patriotic War. Beginning from 1946 he had been working on creation of the nuclear reactors for the atomic energetics. He is the Hero of socialist labour for three times (1954. 1960. 1973) the Lenin Prize laureate (1959) and the state Prize laureate of USSR (1942.1949.1951.1953) Anatoliy Petrovich have been decorated with the order of Lenin (7 orders) and the other orders and medals.

He was elected an Honoured Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.