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Demirel Suleyman (1924-2015)

Suleyman Demirel was born in 1924. Suleyman Demirel is known as an experienced engineer and the prominent Turkish politician. In 1993-2000 he was a President of Turkish Republic. He became a leader of the Party of Justice in 1964. In February 1965 he was appointed a Deputy Prime Minister and in October 1965 he became a Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic. His unsuccessful attempts to counter the growing threat of anarchy that manifested itself in students unrests and resist terrorism and proliferation of views propagated by leftist groups in society resulted in retirement of his right wing government in 1971.

In 1975-1980 he resumed his political activity and headed up several coalition governments as a Prime Minister.

In 1980 political contentions in Turkey resulted in a military coup. Suleyman Demirel was pressed out of political life at that period of time (1980-1983) and remained inactive as politician till 1987.

In 1987 he was elected as a Chairman of the Party of the True Way. In 1990-93 he was again appointed as a Prime Minister of the Government and in 1993-2000 he was elected as a President of the Turkish Republic.

He is the Honoured Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.