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Dogramaji Ihsan (1915-2010)

After graduation from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1938 Ihsan Dogramaci passed through specialist courses at the Ankara Exemplary Hospital. In 1949 he was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Medical Faculty of the Ankara University and in 1954 he became a Professor of that University. He played decisive role in creation of the Institute of Children's Health, Medical Faculty of Hacitepe Universtity and Hacitepe University itself.

Ihsan Dogramaci was the Rector of the Ankara University (1963-1965), the Chairman of the Governors Board of the Middle East Technical University (1965-1967), Rector of Hacitepe University (1967-1975). He was also a lecturer at the University of Paris in France.

He was a Member of Board of European Conference of Rectors in 1964-1973. Having been a Member of the Board of the International Conference on Higher Education, its Chairman and Honoured Chairman since 1981 till present Ihsan Dogramaci has acquired in-depth knowledge of management principles of many national systems of higher education.

Having been a Chairman of the National Council of Higher Education in 1981-1992, he is now a Chairman of the Governors Board of Bilkent University.

Ihsan Dogramaci is the Honoured Member of the Indian National Medical Academy, French Academy of Medical Sciences, American Paediatric Academy and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.