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Khain Victor Yefimovich (1914-2009)

Khain Victor Yefimovich was born on February, 13 (26) 1914 in Baku. The expert in the field of geotectonic and regional geology.

After the graduating of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (1935) worked in geological establishments of Azerbaijan (1935-54).

The Professor of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (1949-54) and of Moscow University (1961). From 1957 the senior staff scientist of Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical chemistry AS of the USSR, from 1972 - Geological Institute of AS of the USSR.

The basic works on regional geology (Caucasus, Carpathian Mountains, etc.), tectonics, geology of oil, a history of geological sciences. Has offered classification of tectonic movements and the basic structural elements of an earth's crust and has specified some common laws of geosynclines process; develops a problem of the basic stages of evolution of an earth's crust. The assistant of the editor-in-chief of atlases of paleogeophysics-lithology maps of Russian platform and its frame, and also of the USSR; the composer (together with A.B.Ronov) the first maps of litho logy   formations of continents. The head of works on drawing up of the International tectonic maps, the vice-president of the Commission on the International tectonic map from 1971.

Corresponding member of the Branch of sciences on the Earth (geology, geophysics) since July1, 1966, the academician of the Branch of geology, geophysics, geochemistry and mountain sciences (global seismology, tectonics) since December 23, 1987. The honorable doctor of the Parisian University, the honorary member of geological societies of Bulgaria and France. Hi is awarded order of the Labour Red Banner and medals. Hi is awarded with a gold medal named after A.P.Karpinskiy for the outstanding works in the field of geotectonic and paleography (1991).

Khain Victor Yefimovich has been elected by the honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.