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Mirzabeckov Andrey Daryevitch (1937-2003)

Andrey Daryevitch Mirzabeckov was born 1937 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He was the Academician of the Russian Academy of Science and holds position of the Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after V.A. Engelgard.

A.D.Mirzabeckov was an outstanding scientist in the field of molecular biology. He was the author of more than 300 scientific publications and inventions. In 1969 he was awarded the State Prize for participation in research on establishing the primary structure of valine DNA. He was honored with the Order of Red Labor Banner in 1981 and Order of Honor in 1999. In 1999 he was awarded a Golden Medal of V.A.Engelgard by the Russian Academy of Sciences for his research of chromatin. In 1995-2001 he was participating in research on development production technology of biological microchips and methods of their practical application, which was conducted jointly with Aragon National Laboratory of USA.

For more than 25 years successfully supervised of research teams at the Centre of Biological Microchips. More than 35 dissertations for Candidate of Sciences degree and 3 dissertations for Doctor of Sciences degree were prepared and successfully defended under his guidance and with his scientific advice. His scientific and educational activity also includes more than 10 years of heading the Department of Molecular Biophysics at the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technical Engineering. He was always been actively engaged in organization of scientific research activities in his field of scientific expertise.

The outcomes of his scientific research was widely accepted and recognized worldwide. He was elected a Member of the European Academy in 1990, German Academy of Sciences "Leopoldine" in 1999. He was awarded a Prize of Federation of European Scientific Societies in 1978 and was elected a Vice-President of the Gregor Mendel Society in 1989 and International Association "Human Genome" HUGO in 1989-1993. In 2000 Valencia Academy of Fundamental Research with His Majesty Juan Carlos, the King of Spain, as an Honored Chairman was elected A.D.Mirzabeckov as an Honored Member of the Academy and awarded him with a medal.

In 2002 Academician Mirzabeckov was elected as an Honored Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

He died on 13 Jule 2003.