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Alfyorov Jores Ivanovich (1930-2019)
Alfyorov Jores Ivanovich was born on March15, 1930 in Vitebsk. The expert in the field of physics of semiconductors, semi-conductor and quantum electronics.

In 1952 has graduated the Leningrad Electro technical Institute named after V.I.Ulyanov (Lenin). Labour activity beginnings in 1953 as the engineer in Physic technical Institute named after A.F.Ioffe of AS of the USSR. From 1953 till 1964 worked as the younger scientific employee, from 1964 till 1967 - the senior staff scientist. From 1967 till 1973 - managing of the sector, from 1973 till 1990 - managing of the laboratory, since 1987 - director of the same institute. From 1989 till 1991 was chairman of the Presidium of Leningrad Centre of Science of AS of the USSR. Since 1991 till at the present time chairman of Presidium of the St.-Petersburg Centre of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences from April 25,1990.

He is elected by the correspondent-member at Branch of the Common Physics and Astronomies (physics) from November 28, 1972, the academician of Branch of the Common Physics and Astronomy (physics, astronomy) from March15, 1979.

For works on semiconductors, heterojunctions and to devices on their basis has awarded the Lenin premium in 1972 and has awarded the State premium of the USSR in 1984.

The Nobel Prize winner on physic (2000).

On April, 2004 J.I.Alferov has been elected by the honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

He died on 1 March 2019.