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Scientific Library
Phone (+994 36) 5446994  

Aliyeva Sahab Sadiq gizi 
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions  

Users Services:

by Internet in the electronic reading room;

by stock of various printed matters;

 by traditional and electronic card catalogue systems;

carrying out exhibitions on various topics and of new books received by the library.

Acquisition of library stocks:

subscription to newspapers and magazines;

purchase by money transfer;

donations from the authors;

donations from private libraries;

donations from various institutions and organizations.

Information and bibliographic and reference work:

organization and management of reference and bibliographic work;

organization and management of information and bibliographic work.


The volume of the book stocks–40007

The volume of the journal stock–19503

The volume of the abstract stock–7866

The volume of the thesis stock–106

The number of books in the electronic catalog–37093

Record of newspaper and journal articles in the electronic card catalogue–19376

The number of abstracts in the electronic catalogue–7866

Number of theses in the electronic catalogue–106

Scanned books-1811