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Publishing-house of the Branch
Phone (+994 36) 5446984  
Chief  Mammadli Zulfiya Tofig gizi 
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Publishing the “News” and “Researches” journals of the Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS, various scientific books and special editions.  
Main scientific achievements  “Tusi” publishing house realizes the edition of “News” and “Researches” journals. Presently, 50 numbers of “News”, 26 numbers of “Researches” have already published. Following books have been published in the “Tusi” publishing house: the telephone directory “Contact” of the Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS, scientific works of the branch staff. At the same time, the books named “Nakhchivan: historical reality, modern status, development perspectives”, “Establishment of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic: History and modernity”, “Nakhchivan today: Reforms, perspectives” were published by the editorial staff of “Tusi” publishing house.