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Mingachevir Scientific-Practice station
Chief  Hijran Islam oglu Isgandarova 
Total number of employees 15 
Basic activity directions   The main research area of the laboratory is to study the biological productivity in order to increase fish reserves in Mingachevir and Varvara water reservoirs, as well as to develop the technology of rapidly growing fish breeding. 
Main scientific achievements  The macrobenthos of the Mingachevir and Varvara reservoirs, the productivity of the dominant organisms in benthos, the zooplankton of these reservoirs, and the distribution of fish in depth were studied.

The lake does not grow, the thickest weight and the weight of the fish are increased and the water is released into the reservoirs in the territory of the laboratory. Biological analysis of infants from 50 to 100 years of age (Hypophtalmichtysmolitrix) found for the first time in cerebrospinalization in Mingachevir reservoir, infant growth and developmental stages were monitored, technology of tea growth growth in Aran region was developed.

At present, weighs in experimental lakes such as Cyprinus carpio Linne, whitefish (Ctenopharyngodon), thick forehead (Hypophtalmichtysmolitrix), growth stages, biological features are studied.