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Laboratory of "Heterogeneous catalysis"
Phone (+994 12) 4902012  
Chief Abasov Safa Islam oglu  
Total number of employees 14 
Basic activity directions   Catalytic behavior regulation of various structured microporous zeolites in the hydrocarbons conversion via targeted metals introduction. Development of scientific principles for obtaining of new high-performance catalytic systems for C1-C7 hydrocarbons conversion. Involvement of gas condensate in the high-octane gasoline components obtaining by the isoparaffins increasing in its composition. 
Main scientific achievements  After the systematic studies of various structured zeolites modifying affect on their acid and microporous characteristics changing their effect on the formation and redistribution of C-C bonds in the C2+hydrocarbons and toluene conversions  is established and differentiation of these factors effect on the catalytic properties in the toluene disproportionation, n- paraffins isomerization and C2+

alkanes dehydrocyclooligomerization is held. The zeolite microporous structure is revealed to be a determining factor in the selectivity of hydrocarbons conversion.

Directed modifying of various structured zeolites resulted in the development of high-performance catalysts for toluene disproportionation, low molecular alkanes dehydrocyclooligomerization, C4 - C6 n- paraffins isomerization, methane aromatization, benzene/propane alkylation and oxidative dehydrogenation of styrene.