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Department of Pacific Asian Countries Region
Phone (+994 50) 3963031   

Shikalibayli Zenfira Adham gizi

Ph.D. in Philology 
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  

Study of the history, religion, social and political, national and foreign policy, culture and literary relations of the Pacific Asian Countries, also the ways of economic development; study of all round development of Azerbaijan with these region

Main scientific achievements 

1) “The problem of literary Arabic language and dialect in” early XX century in Egypt - Problems of East Philology, Institute of Oriental Studies, Baku – 2016.

2) “Development of Arabic Philology in Azerbaijan” – Baku, 2004 (with L.M.Orujeva)

3) The school of “Egyptian modernists” and their rool in making new literary critisizm” – The ways of development of Azerbaijan Oriental Studies – Baku, 2013