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Department of Analysis of Oil-and-Gas-Bearing Basins

(+994 12) 493-67-51 (1200)

Chief  Hasanov Adalat Badal oglu
Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions  

• Comprehensive analysis of the geological structure, the history of the sedimentary basins’ formation and the formation of hydrocarbon deposits in them in order to increase the efficiency of oil and gas prediction.

• Construction of conceptual and computer models of geological objects of various levels (oil- and gas-bearing basins, hydrocarbon systems, plays, prospects) based on the results of comprehensive interpretation of geological, geophysical and geochemical data.

• Creation of models of generation, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons, to assess the scale and time of oil and gas generation, identification of zones of hydrocarbons generation and accumulation, qualitative and quantitative assessment of hydrocarbon potential and oil-and-gas content on a regional and local scales.

• Analysis of geological uncertainties and risks.

Main scientific achievements