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Department of Technical, Technological and Economic Problems of the Development of Hydrocarbon Deposits
Phone (+994 12) 5392140
Chief  Kazymov Bunyad Zinhar oglu
Candidat of technical sciences 
Total number of employees 12
Basic activity directions  

Creation of hydrogasdynamic calculation methods for determining the natural and technological indicators of the development of hydrocarbon deposits;

Creation of methods for determining the physical characteristics of fluids and formations under various development modes and technological conditions in order to more reliably predict hydrocarbon field development indicators;

Development of the theory and practice of development of deep-lying hydrocarbon deposits;

Identification and evaluation from a geological, technological and economic point of view of sources of increasing the base of hydrocarbon reserves of the oil and gas complex of the Republic;

Creation of effective methods for the diagnostic analysis of the development of hydrocarbon deposits;

Development of effective technical and technological approaches to increase the efficiency of active development of hydrocarbon reserves under various operating conditions and the involvement of residual hydrocarbon reserves in the development and implementation of their theoretical and practical justification;

Development of innovative methods for developing hard-to-recover hydrocarbon deposits;

Investigation of the tasks of optimal forecasting and management of hydrocarbon resources assessment processes and their development on the basis of economic and mathematical modeling;

Study of the economic problems of the oil and gas complex;

Creation of algorithms, programs, and services for the implementation of solved problems;

Implementation of applied work on the basis of the obtained scientific and practical results.
Main scientific achievements 

Methods of hidrogasdynamic calculations of designing and regulation of working out of multi-sheeted oil fields and the gas, providing the big completeness of extraction of oil and gas from fields in general, by enabling controlled development of the individual layers are developed.

Methods of hidrogasdynamic calculations hidrogasdynamic methods for definition of technological indicators of development of oil, gas and oil and gas deposits taking into account a relaxation and creep of rocks at the operation of deposits by the system of wells on an exhaustion regime are developed.

New technology is displacing oil from a layer with consecutive to the injection of chemicals consistent by raising its temperature, which allows, in comparison with the injection of water into a layer to increase final oil recovery up to twenty percent.

The new technology of an intensification of extraction by the clearing of the oil-field equipment of paraffin and asphalt-resinous adjournment is developed and tested in field conditions.

An investigation of no isothermal filtration of oil on a physical model of formation. It is established that the assumption of isothermal filtration can lead to a significant underestimation of the total flow rate and overestimate the number of wells, as well as the period of field development.

The effective methods for determining the filtration characteristics and properties of the relaxation and creep deformation of the reservoir according to the reduction (or decrease) the bottom hole pressure in the well.

Creation of new efficient methods for separate determination of reservoir parameters and production of individual layers, jointly operated by a single well using the recovery curves (or decrease) the bottom hole pressure and the dynamics of the total production, taking into account the pressure loss due to friction in the wellbore.

On a basis economic-mathematical modeling and optimization the technique of long-term forecasting of development of all stages oil and gas recovery on the scale of the region for the first time is created.

The economic-mathematical model allowing at maintenance of the maximum profit to solve a problem of an optimal combination of a gain of industrial stocks and extraction from them with extraction from new wells is developed, drilled on is long developed deposits.

We solve the stochastic optimization problem, which allows determining the optimal amount of geophysical and explora­tion and their relationships.

A model of optimal control of the distribution of investments between new and long existing fields.

We propose a new generalized method of assessing and managing risk in the development of hydrocarbon resources.

We propose a methodology for assessing the economic efficiency of investment projects, the development of hydrocarbon resources in the marketplace.

An economic - mathematical model to determine the optimal rate of direct taxes for oil and gas complex enterprises.

Developed a software package that allows you to define the best strategy of development of hydrocarbon resources in the region.

Compiled and published “Dictionary of oil and gas (Russian-English-Azerbaijan)”.

Based on these results, it was protected by 5 theses Ph.D. theses and 14 Ph.D. philosophy and in the last twenty years, was carried out 16 economic-contractual research also took part in the department of complex economic and contractual work on the fields Garadag, Janub, Bahar, Palchıq Pilpilasi, Bulla-Daniz, Pirallahy etc.