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Pharmacology of Geroprotectors of Natural Origin laboratory
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Khanaga Fizuli oglu Babaev

Ph.D. in Biology, Associate Professor 

Basic activity directions   The effect of natural and synthetic compounds on biological systems to produce new highly effective drugs is studied in the laboratory. One of the problems of theoretical and experimental interest is to study the effect of stress on the vital activity of the animal and the human body, the biochemical and physiological changes occurring in their tissues, and, finally, the mechanisms of neuroendocrine regulation. The main focus of research activities of the laboratory is the study of the effects of natural and synthetic biologically active substances on the immune system and carbohydrate metabolism of the body, obesity and weight gain, protection enzymes and the reproductive system. 
Main scientific achievements 

Saffron extract regulates the level of adipocytokines in animals, increases insulin sensitivity, increases energy use and has a positive effect on insulin resistance. This leads to weight loss and lipid levels.

The introduction of saffron extract before pregnancy has a positive effect on the number and weight of offspring, and the absence of any abnormalities after birth leads to the conclusion that the extract does not have a teratogenic effect.

Positive blood counts and increased enzyme activity of the body’s immune and defense systems clarify the geroprotective properties of saffron.