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Laboratory of "Automobile gasoline"
Phone (+994 12) 4902476  
Fax (+994 12) 4903520  
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Chief  A. J. Huseynova 

Doctor of  technical science, professor  

Total number of employees 12 
Basic activity directions   Preparation of automobile gasoline perspective quality and high-octane additives to them. 
Main scientific achievements 

1. Expansion resources of   the automobile gasoline using  low-quality gasoline  of  the primary and secondary origin, as well as the involvement of non-petroleum feedstock.

2. Developed  the  process  reduce  the sulfur content in gasoline catalytic cracking without reducing octane number using processes extraction, hydrotreating and oxidative desulfurization.

3. Developed the process reducing the benzene content in the gasoline of reforming process  using   alkylation , transalkylation,  hydroisomerization and extraction processes.

4. Developed process producing  of  the high-octane oxygen-containing additives on the basis of monatomic C 1 -C 5 alcohols  and olefin -containing fractions from processes of catalytic cracking and coking.

5. Developed variants producing of the commercial gasoline corresponding to the  world standards, using the above developments.