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Laboratory of "The gathering, analyzing and prognostication of scientific - technical literature"
Phone (+994 12) 4903520 
Fax (+994 12) 4903520  
Chief  PhD in chemistry Abbasova Gulkhanim Geybulla gizi
Total number of employees 15
Basic activity directions   The collection and analysis of the scientific and technical information on the main scientific directions of researches which are conducted in the institute, the compilation and realizing of bibliographic, overview information, thematic, analytic and forecast reviews. Organization and conducting of conferences, symposiums and seminars. 
Main scientific achievements  In the laboratory by using modern searching programs have been collected scientific-technical information on the main directions of researches of the institute, it’s systematized and on the base on this information have been complied, released the information collections, thematic reviews, express-information bulletins. The booklets of the institute (in Russian and English), 5 complications covering the activities of the institute for 20 years, advertising prospectuses on new products and processes developed in the institute have been composed.

In the eve of the anniversary of famous chemists have been compiled a bibliography of scientific papers (more than 20). The works on organizing of anniversary events scientists have been carried out at the same time.

By the organization and conducting of international and national conferences and symposiums has been performed work in a large volume. 8 Baku International Mamedaliev Conferences on petrochemical, 2 International Symposiums, 3 Republican Conference have been conducted during the 1994-2012 years.

The reference and information database that includes the information about the published materials of the employees of the institute, since 1990, have been created in the laboratory. The collected information in the database For today includes more than 4500 items. The database is constantly updating.

In the laboratory from 1994 provides a successful participation of the institute in the International exhibition-conference “Khazar, oil and gas” and other chemical profile exhibitions held in Baku.

At the same time carried out works in the laboratory:

-           translation of scientific-technical  literature (more than 100 pages per year);

-          compiling the letters, anniversary addresses, etc.