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Department №10
Phone (+994 12) 5380589
Fax (+994 12) 5396121
Chief  Aghayev Firudin Tarlan oglu

PhD in technique

Total number of employees 11
Basic activity directions   1. Scientific and theoretical problems of information society formation;

2. E-learning formation problems.

Main scientific achievements  - E-learning management and developing its methodological basis:

- Conceptual approaches to e-learning were explored;

- Intelligent analysis methods were applied in e-learning;

- E-learning architecture was developed.

Developing the model of adapting the standards to the international standards in the education system in the field of ICT:

- Educational curriculums of advanced of univers ities all over the world in various directions and levels (undergraduate and graduate) of ICT were analyzed comparatively;

- Educational curriculums of the Azerbaijani universities in various directions and levels (undergraduate and graduate) of ICT were analyzed;

- The search methods of associative rules were applied in the comparative analysis of curriculums of different universities.