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Department №12
Phone (+994 12) 5398379
Fax (+994 12) 5396121
Chief  Saidova Madina Tajaddin gizi
Total number of employees 15
Basic activity directions   1. Scientometrics problems;

2. E-library formation problems.

Main scientific achievements 

- A model of intelligent e-library networks was developed;

- Intelligent processing and analysis of the registration data collected in intelligent e-libraries was studied;

- Manuscript symbols recognition system was developed with the application of fuzzy sets theory;

- An algorithm based on neuro-fuzzy network was proposed for text classification;

- Researches are conducted to develop new index for the research measuring, and for improving the quality of library with the application of bibliometric methods;

- Researches are conducted to improve available sciento-metric indicators and to propose new ones;

- The state-of-the-art of scientometrics, bibliometrics and webometrics was analyzed, the scientometrics indicators were studied and revealed their drawbacks;

- To evaluate scientific output of researchers and scientific journals and articles new indeces were developed;

- For preliminary evaluation of dissertations a method and algorithms were proposed;

- Estimated national impact factors for some Azerbaijan scientific journals.