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Department №18
Phone (+994 12) 5104274
Chief  Anar Farzulla oglu Samidov
Total number of employees 22
Basic activity directions  

• Fractal theory, areas of application and development perspectives;

• Problems of increasing of advertising and marketing activities efficiency in the Internet environment with the application of intellectual information technologies;

• Transformation of information from virtual space to real space, 3D technologies;

• Problems of formation of virtual reality;

• Analysis of 3D graphics and problems of computer modelling.

Main scientific achievements 

- Elements of fractal graphics and their use in modern architecture and construction have been researched.

- Application and perspectives of fractal geometry in computer design have been researched.

- Method and algorithms for increasing the efficiency of marketing activities have been studied.

- Components of internet advertising have been analyzed and methods of intellectual analysis have been proposed to increase their effectiveness.

- The modern situation and development perspectives of 3D technologies have been researched.

- 3D printing technologies and methods of combating the threats they create have been studied.

- Comparative analysis of 3D graphic editors have been analyzed.

- Application of 3D technologies in E-medicine have been researched.