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Laboratory of “Introduction and acclimatization of trees and shrubs”
Phone (+994 12) 4546062 
Fax (+994 12) 4540374
Chief  Abbasova Zemfira Hajibaba gizi

PhD in biology, associate professor

Total number of employees 9
Basic activity directions  

Adaptation to climatic conditions in the country of trees and shrubs.

Analysis of the experience of introduction of Azerbaijan steppe plants; conservation of rare and extinguished ex situ species of trees species.
Main scientific achievements 

Determined belonging to 42 family, 71 genuses, 198 species of rare and extinguished trees and shrubs species in Azerbaijan flora, they are grouped by danger categories and has been published the book of “Azerbaijan rare trees and shrubs”. Baku, “Science” ed., 2014, 280 p.

In Azerbaijan dry subtropics regions olive plant bio-ecological features, life activities, the growth of vegetative organs, development of generative organs, studied the impact of productivity on the formation of organic and mineral fertilizers, irrigation influences, analyzed perspective sorts, determined using areas as many years researched study results the book of “Olive plants in Azerbaijan”. Baku: “Teacher”, 2015, 612 p.