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Laboratory of “Medical botany and phytotherapy”
Phone (+994 12) 4548297 
Fax (+994 12) 4540374  
Chief  Sadigov Tofig Muzaffar oglu
PhD in agrarian sciences, Associate Professor
Total number of employees 10
Basic activity directions   Main research activities of the laboratory are aimed at the development of herbal medicine and the increase of biological reserves. In the context of environmental pressures to protect public health mobilization of plant resources of Azerbaijan, the introduction of medicinal plants; selection of exotic species, the active compounds, the new species in the flora of Azerbaijan, to study the prospects of enriching the base of medicinal raw materials; Study species variability of morphological and biochemical features of medicinal plants; phytochemical screening, explore the possibilities of their complex and rational use. Getting new special vitamins origin and prophylactic agents.
Main scientific achievements 

In the condition of environmental pressures to protect public health and mobilization of plant resources in the flora of Azerbaijan.

In the direction of reception and use of specific vitamins and prophylactic agents carrying out important research work.

Obtained the results on the study area, the botanical features of farming, the value in the industry and in national economy known since ancient times as Azerbaijan henna plant, Basma and published the book "The technology of growing and cosmetics, medicinal value of henna and basma cultivation in Azerbaijan", Baku, "Nurlan" 2007, 206p.