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Department of New period Azerbaijani Literature
Phone  (+994 50) 5865281

Asgarli Zaman Shukur oglu

Doctor of Philology

Total number of employees 16 
Basic activity directions  

-         To study theoretical-aesthetic problems of new period Azerbaijani literature, unstudied tasks, life and activity of the craftsmen who lived in this period

- To prepare for the publication and to study the works of poets, prosaists and publicists of XIX-XX century (900-1920)

Main scientific achievements 

1. Formation and development of the Azerbaijani publicist- realist literature

2. Realism of M.F. Akhundzada

3.Problems of classic Azerbaijani dramatic theory

4. Poetics of Azerbaijani romanticism

5. Turkism in Azerbaijani literature

6. “Fuyuzat” literary school

7.M.F. Akhundzada and Europe

8. Poetry of Azerbaijanian tragedy

9.A.Bakıkhanov,M. Sh. Vazeh  10.Monography and books about M.F.Akhundzada,Zeynalabdin Maraghali, J. Mammadquluzada, A.Hagverdiyev, A.Huseynzada and other craftsmen.

10.Scientific publication of “Molla Nasraddin” and “Fuyuzat” journals.