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Division of Humanitarian Sciences
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Establishment history Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences was founded on 27 March, 1945, in the same day with ANAS. In the 21st of May of the same year its structure was confirmed by ANAS.

Then the Department was called Department of Social Sciences. There were 8 scientific-research institutions. 5 of them were institutes (Institutes of Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Art), 2 were museums (Museum of Nizami and History Museum) and was a sector (Sector of Economy). The first Academician-Secretary (then was called chairman) of the department was Heydar Huseynov, a scientist who had great services in the fields of the research of dialectal and historical materialism, history of philosophy, aesthetics, literary criticism and linguistics. During that period he was an active member of ANAS. This scientific organization had 7 members: 6 academicians and a scientific secretary. They were Samad Vurgun - a poet, Mirza Ibrahimov - a writer, Uzeyir Hajibeyov - a composer, Heydar Huseynov - a philosopher, Mikayil Huseynov and Sadig Dadashov - architects. All of them were the members of the staff consisting of 15 persons that were confirmed by ANAS according to the decision of Council of People Commissars of Azerbaijani SSR in on 27 March, 1945.

From the year of 1981, Department of Social Sciences continued its activity with two independent branches - Departments of History, Philosophy, Law and Departments of Literature, Linguistics, Art. Igrar Aliyev (then he was a correspondent member), academician was elected to the Department of History, Philosophy and Law and Mammad Jafar Jafarov, academician was elected academic secretary to the Department of Literature, Linguistics and Art.

Such structural changes in the field of social sciences were implemented according to the decision of Azerbaijani CP CC dated December 29, 1980 and the order signed by Council of Azerbaijani Ministers on January 21, 1981.

In 2001, in the general meeting of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the departments of Literature, Linguistics and Art were consolidated. Aghamusa Akhundov, correspondening member was elected Academician-Secretary to the Department and according to the decision of the Presidium he appointed to the same post.

Currently, there are 10 academicians, 28 corresponding members at the department.

Today, there are 11 institutes in the composition of the Department. These are: Institute of History (Director: Yagub Mahmudov, corresponding member of ANAS), Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (Director: Maisa Rahimova, Doctor of historical Sciences), Institute of Oriental Studies (Director: Govhar Bakhshaliyeva, Doctor of Philology), Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law (Director: Ilham Mammadzadeh, Doctor of Philosophical sciences), Institute of Economy (Director: Isa Aliyev, Doctor of Economical sciences), Institute of Human Rights (Director: Ayten Mustafayeva, PhD in Juridical sciences), Institute of Literature (Director: Isa Habibbayli, academician), Institute of Linguistics (Director: Tofig Hajiyev, correspondent member of ANAS), Institute of Architecture and Art (Director: Ertegin Salamzadeh, Doctor of Art), Institute of Manuscripts (Director: Teymur Karimli, correspondent member of ANAS), Institute of Folklore (Director: Mukhtar Imanov, Doctor of Philology); 3 museums: National History Museum of Azerbaijan (Naila Valikhanli, active member of ANAS), National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature(Director: Rafael Huseynov,  correspondent member of ANAS), Huseyn Javid's Memorial Flat (Director: Gulbaniz Babakhanli, Doctor of Philology).

According to the decision dated February 27, 2014 of the Presidium of ANAS, 2 more institutes have been founded attached to Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences: Institute of Science History and Institute of World Policy.

The web site

 of the depart­ment has functioned from the beginnings of 2012. The representative of the web site is Asmar Aliyeva.

Academic secretaries of the department

Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences has had different stages during its development process. Vice-Presidents of ANAS - Heydar Huseynov, academician (1945-1950) and Samad Vurgun Vakilov, academician (1954-1956) led Department of Social Sciences which consolidated humanitarian and social sciences from 1945 to 1956.

Later, Mammad Arif  Dadashzadeh, academician (1959-1961), Ismayil Huseynov, academician (1962-1967), Mammadaga Shiraliyev (1968-1969) and Alovsat Sumbatzadeh (1970-1980)   were appointed to the same post of this Department.

In 1981, on the basis of sociological sciences were founded two independent departments - Departments of History, Philosophy and Law; Departments of Literature, Linguistics and Art. The first Department was led by Igrar Aliyev, correspondent member, the second one by Mammad Jafar Jafarov.

In 1985, the academic secretariat of Department of History, Philosophy and Law was entrusted Ahmad Mahmudov, academician. In 1987, the academic secretariat of Department of Literature, Linguistics and Art was entrusted Bakir Nabiyev. During that time, B.Nabiyev was a correspondent member of ANAS. A.Mahmudov disharged his post up to 1987 and B.Nabiyev to 2001.

From the year 1987 the post of academic secretary of Department of  History, Philosophy and Law was held by Aslan Aslanov, correspondent member of ANAS. Two years later, A.Aslanov became an academician of ANAS and to the end of his life (1995) he held the same post.

From the year 1990, Department of History, Philosophy and Law was called Department of Sociological Sciences. From 1997 to 2001 Jamil Guliyev was academic secretary of this Department.

In 2001, on the basis of Department of Social Sciences and Department of Literature, Linguistics and Art, was founded Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences. This Department was led by Aghamusa Akhundov, correspondent member of ANAS. A.Akhundov was the eleventh academic secretary of the same Department.

In 2011 Aghamusa Akhundov, academician appointed to the post of advisor of ANAS, that's why he dismissed the post of academic secretary. From September 1, 2011, Kamal Mehdi oghlu Abdullayev, correspondent member of ANAS was appointed as an executor of academic secretary of Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences. According to Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijani President's order dated  February 28, 2014, K.Abdullayev appointed to the post of State Advisor on international, intercultural and religious issues of Azerbaijani Republic. So, according to the decision of Presidium of ANAS dated March 12, 2014, K.Abdullayev dismissed the post of academic secretary  by his own request and Teymur Hashim oghlu Karimov, correspondent member of ANAS appointed to the same post. 

In 2020, acad. Isa Habibbayli was elected the chairman of the Division.
Chairman of the Scientific Council of Division Academician Isa Akbar oglu Habibbayli

Phone: (+994 12) 4929710

Fax: (+994 12) 4929707


Scientific secretary Arzu Vahid gizi Mammadkhanli

Office phone: (+994 12) 4926622, 4976982

Mob.: (+994 50) 5497404


Scientific Council:

- chairman

- deputies

- members

Habibbayli İsa Akbar oglu

Karimli Teymur Hashim oglu

Akhundova Nargiz Chingiz gizi

Abdullayev Kamal Mehdi oglu

Valikhanli Naila Mammadali gizi

Bakhshaliyeva Govhar Bakhshali gizi

Imanov Mukhtar Kazim oglu 

Mahmudov Yagub Mikayil oglu

Mustafayev Shahin Macid oglu

Naghisoylu Mohsun Zellabdin oglu

Muradov Shahbaz Musa oglu

Bunyadzade Konul Yusif gizi

Gasimli Musa Jafar oglu

Mustafayev Tehran Alishan oglu

Salamzadeh Ertegin Abdul Vahab oglu

Division members

Eldarov Omar Hasan oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 5674303

Mob.: (+994 50) 3544608

Fax: (+994 12) 5665637


Habibbayli Isa Akbar oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 5103425; 4929707

Mob.: (+994 50) 2113697

Fax: (+994 12) 5102092


Abdullayev Kamal Mehdi oğlu

Office phone: (+994 12) 4372766

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Huseynov Rafael Baba oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 4921069

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Fax: (+994 12) 4971261


Kerimli Teymur Hashim oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 4923129

Mob.: (+994 50) 3852650


Jafarov Nizami Gulu oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 4989789

Mob.: (+994 50) 2119742

Qiyasi Jafar Ali oglu

Mob.: (+994 50) 3383101


Guliyev Abulfaz Aman oglu

Office phone: (+994 36) 5446578

Mob.: (+994 50) 3218726


Mammadova Rena Azer gizi

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393496

Mob.: (+994 51) 8126220


Safarova Zemfira Yusif gizi

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393494

Mob.: (+994 50) 3958824


Bagirov Adil Nasib oglu

Mob. tel.: (+994 50) 7231723 


Imanov Mukhtar Kazim oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 4929314 

Mob. tel.: (+994 50) 2729097 

Fax: (+994 12) 4981621 


Mutallimov Tahsin Mutallim oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 5390929 

Mob. tel.: (+994 50) 6718256 


Nagisoylu Mohsun Zellabdin oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 5372081

Mob. tel.: (+994 50) 3152006


Pashayeva Nargiz Arif gizi

Office phone: (+994 12) 5989727 

Fax: (+994 12) 5989323


Salamzadeh Ertegin Abdul Vahab oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393494

Mob. tel.: (+994 50) 5331965 

Fax: (+994 12) 5393494


Ali-zadeh Frangiz Aliaga gizi

Office phone: (+994 12) 5980886

Fax: (+994 12) 4980569


Arasli Nushaba Hamid gizi

Mob. tel.: (+994 50) 3388912

Mustafayev Tehran Alishan oglu

Office phone: (+994 12) 5370171

Mob. tel.: (+994 50) 6419827


Research Institutions attached to the division

Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi

Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi

Institute of Manuscripts named after Mahammad Fizuli

Institute of Architecture and Art

Institute of Folklore

National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi

Huseyn Javid’s Memorial Flat

Scientific publications

Journal ANAS "News", series of humanitarian sciences 

Literary Relations (Institute of Literature named after Nizami)

Literary Journal (Scientific works of the Institute of Literature named after Nizami)

Poetica.izm (Institute of Literature)

Transactions of ANAS. Economical series

Institute of History of ANAS. Scientific researches

Archaeology and Ethnography of Azerbaijan

Collection of Scientific Researches of Institute of Economy of ANAS

Scientific researches (Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law)

Problems of Oriental Philosophy (on philosophical sciences)

Turkology (Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi)

Scientific Researches of the Institute of Linguistics

Researches (Institute of Linguistics)

Issues of Philology (Institute of Manuscripts named after Fuzuli)

Problems on Art and Culture (Institute of Architecture and Art)

Dada Gorgud Journal (on study of folklore)

Researches about Azerbaijani Folklore (on study of folklore)

Booklet (National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature)

Javid study. A bulk of academic papers (H.Javid's Memorial Flat)

Scientific councils on scientific directions

Scientific Council on Azerbaijani language

Scientific Council on Turkology

Scientific Council on World Languages

Scientific Council on Classical Literary Heritage and Folklore

Scientific Council on Modern Azerbaijan Literature and Literature theory

Scientific Council on World Literature

Scientific Council on Literature of Turkic people

Scientific Council on Fine Arts, Culturology, Architecture and Museum Studies

Scientific Council on Music Studies

Scientific Council on Pedagogy