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Laboratory of Protozoology
Phone (+994 12) 5107532 
Fax (+994 12) 5397353 
Chief  Corresponding member of ANAS Ilham Khayam oglu Alekperov 
Total number of employees 16 
Basic activity directions   Studying the biodiversity of Azerbaijan's free and parasitic terrain. Study of protozoos of agricultural animals and preparation of measures against them. Use of freeze-dried apricots for the biotesting of marine, freshwater and soil polluted with oil, heavy metals and insecticides. Discovery of zoonotic naturally protozoan potatoes in various ecosystems of Azerbaijan, which is a potential source of danger for people with immunodeficiency syndrome.
Main scientific achievements  81 parasites and 210 elementary species have been described for the first time for science. Determination methods of the pollution level by different types of biomonitoring and man-made pollution have been improved.