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Institute of Architecture and Art


Address AZ1073, 115, H.Javid ave., Baku city, Azerbaijan 
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General director Correspondent member of ANAS Artegin Abdul Vahab oglu Salamzade

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393494

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Deputy directors For scientific affairs

Khazar Arif oglu Zeynalov

PhD in arts

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393502

Mob.: (+994 50) 5717841

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For scientific affairs

Namig Alakbar oglu Abbasov 

Ph.D. in culturology, docent 

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393521

Mob.: (+994 70) 8380998; (+994 50) 6160582

Scientific secretary

Vugar Garajan oglu Karimli

PhD in culturology

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393539

Mob.: (+994 50) 2911225

Fax: (+994 12) 5393494

Establishment history The Institute was created in 1945 on the initiative of Azerbaijan composer, academician Uzeir Hajybayov and originally was called the Institute of History of Azerbaijan Art. Since 1948 in the course of 40 years the outstanding architect, academician Mikail Huseinov has been at the head of the Institute.
Basic activity directions  The investigation of history, theory and methodological problems of architecture and art of Azerbaijan since the ancient times up to contemporary period, the study of interrelations of national art with artistic culture of peoples of the world. 
Main scientific achievements  In the course of the 70-year history the Institute of Architecture and Art of NAS of Azerbaijan has tried to direct its scientific potential to the creation of the picture of development of art and aesthetic world outlook of Azerbaijan people. The unique feature of the research program lies in the fact that various historical artistic processes of such diverse kinds of creation as architecture and town-planning, fine and decorative – applied art, Music, In the course of the last two centuries theatre, cinema, design should be united on the basis of a single division into periods. At the first stage of fulfilling of this task the collective of the Institute prepared and published such fundamental works “as” The history of Azerbaijan architecture (Moscow, 1963), “The art of Caucasian Albania (IV A.D. – VII B.C.)” (B, 1976), “Azerbaijan art” (B, 1977), “The history of Azerbaijan dramatic theatre” (B, 1959), “Azerbaijan miniatures” (B, 1980), “Town – planning and architecture of Azerbaijan of the XIX – early XX cc.” (Leningrad, 1986), “Azerbaijan art” (B, 1992), “Music science of Azerbaijan” (B, 1997). These achievements are connected with the names of academician Uzeyir Hajybayli, academician Mikail Useinov, academician Abdulvahab Salamzade, corresponding – member Jafar Jafarov, corresponding – member Karim Karimov and a number of well – known art scientists. A new stage of development of architectural and art science in Azerbaijan begins in the years of sovereignity. In the course of the last twenty years the Institute was working, on one hand, on the creation of the history of all kinds and genres of Azerbaijan art, on the other hand – was engaged in investigation of theoretical and methodological problems of Azerbaijan art. During this period fundamental works having total character were published. Among them there should be noted academician R. Efendiyev’s books “Azerbaijan art” (B, 2001) and “Azerbaijan art in the museums of the world” (B, 2009), corresponding – member Z. Safarova’s “History of Azerbaijan music” (B, 2012), corresponding – member I. Karimov’s “History of Azerbaijan theatre” (B, in 2 volumes, 2008, 2010), corresponding – member Sh. Fatullayev’s “Architectural encyclopedia of Baku” (B, 2013), professor A.Salamzade’s “Art science of Azerbaijan.XX c.” (B, 2013) and other significant works. In the years of sovereignity there is strengthened the international activity of the Institute. In the course of the last twenty years there have been carried out International conferences “Architecture and Art of Near and Middle East” (1992), “Great Silk Way: dialogue of Eurasian cultures” (2002), “Azerbaijan carpet and folk applied art” (2003), “Problems of information culture ” (2004), “Information culture of Eurasia” (2009), “Philosophy and art science: methodology of interdisciplined interaction” (2010), “Problems of preservation and propaganda of historical-cultural heritage” (2010), “Eurasian idea in the epoch of formation of global culture” (2012). At the same time research workers of the Institute took part in scientific and creative forums carried out in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Spain, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Tunis, Jordan and Iran. One of important directions of the International activity of the last years are works following the line of UNESCO. Since 2000 a series of monuments of history and culture of Azerbaijan were put on the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. The first Azerbaijan monument in this list is historical – cultural reserve Scheri Sheher. Then there is coming the process of presentation of non-material cultural heritage of Azerbaijan in the Representative list begun on the initiative of the First lady of Azerbaijan, deputy of the Parliament, Ambassador of Good Will of UNESCO and ISESCO Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva. Thus in 2000-2014 mugam, musical instrument tar, ashyg art and carpet art are put on above-mentioned list and at present there are carried out spade-works for putting the art of shebeke on the Representative list. In 2010-2014 there is formed a new scientific direction which has become popular under the name of turkological art science. During this period there have been carried the first (2010), the second (2011) and the third (2013) International scientific conferences “Turkological” art science: and prospectives, published together with foreign colleagues researches Symbols of Turkic culture” (Tashkent, 2011), “Tengri and tamga: successors of the turkic world” (B. 2010), “Methodological problems of division into periods of the history of Turkic art” (Astana, 2014) having innovatory character. At the same time there are signed treaties between the Institute and Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov and University of Culture of Istanbul, scientific relations with the International Turkic Academy are extended.
Total number of employees 121
Structural subdivisions Department of theatre-cinema and television
Department of history and theory of music
Department of interrelations of art
Problems of preservation and restoration of monuments of architecture
Department of town-building
Mugham study
Art and architecture of Caucasian Albania
History and theory of architecture and town-planning
Department of Theory of Culturology and Art
Department of fine and decorative-applied art
Department of history and theory of Azerbaijan folk music
Department of Public relations
Department of Education

Scientific Council:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


Corresponding member of ANAS Salamzadeh Ertegin

Aliyeva Kubra

Karimli Vugar

Corresponding member of ANAS Safarova Zemfira

Corresponding member of ANAS Mammadova Rena

Amanzadeh Rayiha

Abdullayeva Rena

Farhadova Sevil 

Kocharli Irada

Aliyeva Rahiba

Gafarov Vidadi

Zeynalov Khazar

Mollazadeh Farhad

Alilijanzadeh Gorkhmaz

Sadigova Aida

Aliyeva Parvana

Aliyeva Lamiya

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


Aliyeva Parvana Ali g

Guliyev Ramil Arif o.

Ahmadov Allaz Salimkhan o. 

Aliyev Elshad Vugar o.

Bayramova Khumar Zakir g.

Bayramli Yegana Zireddin g.

Seyidahmadli Gunnel Tofig g.

Mammadsadigova Gulnar Huseyn g.

Zeynalov Nasib Abbas o.

Jafarova Konul Rafig g

Alizade Roza Tavakkul g.

Mammadova Lala Eldar g.

Mammadova Oksana Alakpar g.

Musayeva Zulfiya Agaali g.

Ibrahimova Parvana Mehdi g.

Abdullayeva Aysel Rashid g.

Babashov Rashad Rizvan o.

Gahramanli Elkhan Ahmad o.

Mammadova Amina Miryusif g.

Soltanova Nigar Garib g.

Aliyeva Lamiya Farhad g.

Mammadov Eshgin Nuru o.

Hassanova Arzu Mehman g.

Huseynov Sadig Natig o.

Gahramanova Adila Najaf g.

Guliyeva Vafa Jasarat g.


Dissertation Council

-       chairman

-       deputy chair

-       scientific secretary

-       members


Salamzade Ertegin Abdulvahab ogli 

Safarova Zemfira Yusif gizi 

Zeynalov Khazar Atif ogli

Abdullayeva Rena Habib gizi

Bayramov Tahir Rauf ogli

Aliyev Elshad Vugar ogli

Aliyeva Kubra Mukhtar gizi

Farhadova Sevil Mammad Tagi gizi

Farzaliyev Chingiz Abdulmajid ogli

Kocharli İrada Tofig gizi

Mammadova Rena Azer gizi

Sadigova Aida Adil gizi

Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       bureau members


Aliyeva Lamiya Farhad gizi

Karimli Vugar Garajan oglu

Aliyeva Parvana Ali gizi

Alilicanzade Gorkhmaz Mammad oglu

Zeynalov Nasib Abbas oglu

Ahmadov Allaz Salimkhan oglu

Doctors of sciences