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Department of scientific-technical information
Phone (+994 12 ) 5394720
Chief  Dr. in Physics and mathematics Ramiz Mutallim oglu Aslanov 
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   To collect annual and five year reports of scientific department of IMM and represent them to the department of innovation. Description of dissertations, author’s thesis, papers and abstracts. Popularization of mathematics to continue the project “Predecessors of modern mathematics”, to organize relations between IMM and science and education institutions. To finish the project of textbook on higher mathematics for students of non-mathematics faculties. To organize participation of the department employees at international conferences and symposia. To take an active part in international conferences as an active member of organization committee.
Main scientific achievements  1. "Педагоги математики" (Историко-математические очерки Москва Изд-во Прометей) 2015, 562 стр.

Авторы: Р.М.Асланов и др.

2. "Предшественники современной математики" том 5, часть 2, Москва Изд-во Прометей,2015, 606 стр.

Авторы: Р.М.Асланов и др.

3. "Предшественники современной математики Азербайджана" Москва Изд-во Прометей, 2016, 512 стр.

Авторы: М.Дж.Марданов, Р.М.Асланов.