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Department of Theoretical Linguistics

Mammadli İsmayıl Oruj oglu

Total number of employees 11 
Basic activity directions  

The department acting with the name of applied linguistics, organized on the basis of the department of lexicography which created in 1945. During 1945-1987 the chief of the department was the honored scientist, associate member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, doctor of philology, Professor Aliheydar Orujov. Since 1989 the department has been led by doctor of philology, Professor Ismayil Mammadli.

Preparing and publishing of Azerbaijan explanatory dictionary should be appreciated as very important event in our cultural history. This productive event which had begun in 1940-50, was resulted with the publication of the 4 volumes dictionary during 1965-87. 

Main scientific achievements 

Taking on the basis of the first publication of the glossary new 3 volumes of the “Explanatory Dictionary of Azerbaijani” was prepared (1997, 1999, 2000).

“Russian-Azerbaijani Dictionary”, “Dictionary of Arabian and Persian Words”, “Explanatory Dictionary on Geography”, “Dictionary of Abbreviations of Azerbaijani” and “Explanatory Dictionary of Azerbaijan Personal Names” and other works can be considered as achievements of the department of applied linguistics.