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Laboratory of Optoelectronics
Phone (+994 12) 5397479  
Fax (+994 12) 5395961  
Chief  Mammadov Tofig Gambay oglu

Dr. Physics, Professor 

Total number of employees 23 
Basic activity directions  

The investigation of the influence of external actions on the physical properties of strongly anisotropic chalcogenide semiconductors and the preparation of different optoelectronic elements based on them.

Main scientific achievements  It is studied the influence of temperature and pressure on electron and phonon spectra in the strong anizotropic semiconductors of A3B6 and A3B3C62 groups. It is established the fact of the existence of phase transitions under pressure in layered crystals of A3B3C62 group. It is observed the new class of a ferroelectric – semiconductors with an incommensurate phase: layer crystals with structure of  TlGaSe2 type.  The nature of nonconventional manifestation of thermal memory effects of an incommensurate phase in these crystals is revealed. It is shown the possibility of management by many physical properties of these crystals in the region of the existence of an incommensurate phase.