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Laboratory of Soil Microbiology
Phone (+994 12) 5024359 
Fax (+994 12) 5024470 
Chief  Najafova Samira Imamyar gizi

PhD in biology

Total number of employees 9
Basic activity directions   Soil Microbiology; Environmental Biotechnology. The study of diversity of soil microorganisms, their morphological and physiological properties, their role in the circulation of the major nutrients. Development of the theoretical problems of stability of landscapes to different pollutants, including a biocide. 
Main scientific achievements  1. Studied the physiological and biochemical and ecological characteristics of the soil in the main types of ecosystem and subtypes of soils of the North-eastern part of the Greater Caucasus, thus making the microbiological mapping of these soils, depending on the biogenesis of soil.

2. The theoretical basis for the creation in a large industrial region-Absheron Peninsula - closed biotechnology sector through the efficient use of internal biological resources from the simultaneous solution of acute regional environmental problems - cleaning contaminated soils, increasing their fertility and improve the quality of urban soils. Baku.

3. The basic patterns of distribution of microorganisms in different soil and climatic conditions, determined the basic laws of soil microorganisms participate in the processes of self-purification and stability of various types of soils to pollution by organic substances - pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, etc.

4. Is the ranking of the different soil types of the country by their resistance to contamination by organic substances. The scientific basis of the production of biological products for cleaning different types of soils from petroleum hydrocarbons and pesticides on the basis of active microorganisms.