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Laboratory of trees and shrubs
Fax (+994 12) 5024172  
Chief  Isgender Elman Osman oglu
Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor
Total number of employees 12 
Basic activity directions   The comparatively study of taxonomical, biological, botanical-geographical, phytosenological, bioecological and ontogenetical features of trees and shrubs belonging to the Azerbaijan and other countries’ flora  in ex-citu and in-citu condition and also revealing of the factors causes the downsizing of studied rare species, the preparation a number of recommendations  for the protection of this plants’ gene pool and the determination of use prosperity in greenery works.  
Main scientific achievements  The  bioecological  features, introduction,  morphogenesis, reproduction  and  re-introduction of the  plants  belonging to  the  Azerbaijan flora, including rare  and  endangered trees and  shrub  species were  investigated  comparatively in  ex-citu and in-citu  conditions and  beside  these were revealed  the  danger  categories of these plants  by the downsizing  of  their  areals. That’s why  were  given proposals  for  their  conservation. Were  prapered  advices for  the  promising  species in  greenery  planting. For  the first time was prepared a scale for the assessing of introduction  prosperity  of  trees and  shrubs   in Absheron condition.