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Laboratory of monitoring and conservation of plants
Phone (+994 12) 5024321 
Fax (+994 12) 5024172 

Chief  Farzaliyev Vahid Sabir oglu 

Doctor of biology, associate professor

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   The study of  antropogenic  impact  to the Azerbaijan vegetation, the vegetation monitoring of  special conservated areas, the recultivation of  technogenic landscape. 
Main scientific achievements 

1. Were studied the phenogenetical diferentation of Pinus sylvestrus L. populations of the Caucasus and the neighboring regions.

2. Was proven a free species status of Eldar pine tree by the applying of letter-digital-polytomic appoinmment key designed on the base of results obtained from the investigation of taxonomical, biomorphological and x-ray features of pine species.

3. Was studied the radial growth dynamics of the species Juniperus foetidissima Will. and Juniperus polycarpos C. Koch and was created their wood-ring chronology.

4. Ecological models for introduction of Eldar pine in different parts of world with the application of GIS.