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Laboratory “Electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of rhenium alloys”
Phone (+994 12) 5108591,(+994 12) 5397433
Fax (+994 12) 5107442  

Chief  Elza Salahova Abdulaziz gizi

doctor of sciences in chemistry, senior researcher

Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   Electrochemical synthesis of rhenium alloys nano films and the use of them in electrocatalytic processes. 
Main scientific achievements  Optimum condition and electrolyte were selected to produce semiconductor thin coverings of rhenium chalcogenides on the diverse supports by electrochemical method and influence of different factors on alloys contents and properties was researched. The main bases for joint electrodeposition of rhenium chalcogenide films have been determined by using different contemporary methods, some of their physical and electrophysical properties have been studied. The static and dynamic voltamperic characteristics of diode structure have been examined on the base of thin films, the effect of switch over and memory has been discovered, that allows their application in electronics while making the various devices.