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Laboratory of "Integrated oil refining and technical - economical substantiation"
Phone (+994 12) 4902476 (1-43)  
Fax (+994 12) 4903520  
Chief  dr. of technical sciences Asgar-zadeh Saadat Mammadamin  
Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions   With the efficient use of our energy resources, taking into account the business activities corresponding to environmental and economic requirements and considering the market structure, creating the main directions of development of oil and gas complex that provides the production of petroleum and petrochemical products of the highest quality. The feasibility of new processes in the IPP. 
Main scientific achievements  - Development strategy of oil refining which implies structural changes of fuel and energy complex of Azerbaijan until 2015 has been developed and submitted to the relevant bodies.

- Consistent with the relevant areas of the fuel and energy complex, perspective complex schemes about the phased development strategy of fuel and oil production of Azerbaijan have been developed and accepted for application.

- At economic independence conditions (with supply of raw materials and free sale of products at market prices) efficient processing schemes of our oil and gas reserves that takes into account the integration of oil refining and petrochemical industries have been developed and technically and economically evaluated.

- Different variants of a single oil refining complex that provide the production of motor fuels and lubricants appropriate to perspective requirements have been developed.

-Taking into account the changes in the qualitative and quantitative indicators of  processed oils, by application of raw materials and energy saving, economically efficient, environmentally safe and non-waste technologies, different options of complex oil processing schemes that provide the production of competitive products in the world market have been developed and feasibility was evaluated.

- Complex schemes of future development of Sumgait petrochemical complex have been developed and feasibility was evaluated.

- At the complex oil refining processes of Oil Refineries, recommendations for the calculation of cost of goods have been developed, approved by the relevant institutions (Ministry of Economy, SOCAR, etc.) and it was decided to be applied as a basic textbook in all of the country’s oil refineries. The database of oil refining and petrochemical processes has been created.

- The methodological guidance for determining the labor capacity of petroleum products of oil refineries has been developed.