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Laboratory of stereochemistry of monomers and polymers
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Baghmanov Balakishi Tagi oglu

PhD in chemistry, associate professor

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Synthesis and stereochemistry of halogenated antipyrenes, monomers and high thermal-stable, incombustible skeleton-ladder polymers by Diels-Alder reaction, functionalization of fullerenes and preparation of new polymer materials on the basis of nanocarbon clusters, making of data for industrial production of such products. Study of spatial structure of the prepared new compounds by modern physical-chemical methods, confirmation of the obtained data by quantum-chemical and topological calculations, carrying out of correlation on “structure- property” in a series of these compounds.
Main scientific achievements  As a result of these investigations there have been implemented in production: the preparation process of carbon tetrachloride in Sumgait; non-waste preparation process of monobrom-ortho-xylene as semiproduct in the synthesis of vitamin B2 at Bolokhov chemical plant of synthetic products and vitamins; preparation process of monoamide of tetrahydrophthalic acid as an antiscale of water recycling working on fresh and sea water at Sverdlovsk railway of locomotive depot “Smychka” and “Jitomir”; formulation of cleaning paste “Universal-2” at PA “Sumgaitkhimprom”.

It is recommended for implementation the innovative-technological processes: preparation of polychlorinated anhydride and imides as the antipyrenes-modifiers and raw materials for preparation of antifouling coatings for ships; N-glycidylimide of isomethyltetrahydrophthalic acid as a modifier and diluent of epoxide resin ED-20; N-allylimide of isomethyltetrahydrophthalic acid as a repellent against mosquitoes; non-waste method of preparation of 2,4,6-tribromaniline as an antipyrene; the construction of multi-stage pneumatic classifier for classification of particulate materials, in particular granular aluminum as the catalyst during preparation of alkylbenzene.