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Department of World Literature and Comparativistics
Phone  (+994 12) 539 45 27

Gular Gasan gizi Abdullabeyova

Doctor in Philology, professor
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   In the department are researched mutual relations, inspirations, reception and translation problems with European countries (Hungary, England, Russia, and Poland) and USA. 
Main scientific achievements 

In the department is published the scientific and cultural magazine "Literary relations". The employees of the department “World Literature and Comparativistics" actively participated in collection of articles dedicated to Sholokhov,   the collection of articles devoted to "Friendship and Peace" and the problems of multiculturalism with Russia's Stavropol State Pedagogical University.The employees of the departmentalso consistentlyparticipated inthe scientific congresses “Azerbaijan-Poland” with University of Warsaw, Poland. In the department is held scientific and theoretical seminars dedicated to the problems of comparativistcs and prominent writers and poets of the World Literature. The main purpose of the department is to expand, extend and intensify the literary and cultural relations between Azerbaijan-Europe and USA.