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Created coating, is not subject to icing
04.09.2018 09:43
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Created coating, is not subject to icing

Now to prevent icing of power lines, turbines and housings of aircraft used in special chemical substances which reduce the freezing point of water, not allowed to form ice, and so on. But such mixtures are not always effective and roads, and scientists have developed a special type of coating which using the energy of sunlight, does not allow ice to form. Additionally to handle it any "chemistry" is not necessary. The coating works "by itself".

For answer the development experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). And the device cover is quite simple. It is based on a three-layer material that has the ability to collect solar energy and convert it to heat. Moreover, the resulting energy is distributed over the entire surface of the coating and does not heat up only in the place where he had got a ray of sunshine. The new material works even at night, "eating" from artificial light sources. Leads a team of scientists that developed the coating, Professor of mechanical engineering MIT kripa Varanasi. He also explained the principle of his invention in an interview with Science Advances

"the top layer absorbs up to 95% of the sunlight converting it into heat. Next is a layer of aluminium with thickness of 400 micrometers, which is heated by absorbing layer. Well, the bottom layer paroizoliruyuschimi. It is needed in order to reduce heat loss and to keep it on the surface. That is exactly where we want."

According to, all the materials were selected in such a way that the "thermal response" has been rapid, and the heat was faster freezing. All 3 layers are made of the highest available materials in order not to increase the cost of production...

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