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Created a molecule that 18 years, holds solar energy
05.10.2018 10:17
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Created a molecule that 18 years, holds solar energy

In Norway in the mountains found the remains of birds at the age of 4200 years

Last year scientists presented a molecule based on carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen

Swedish researchers from Chalmers and the University spoke about the improvement of the technology, is able to maintain the heat of the sun in the molecule of isomer. About it reports “League.News”.

Last year scientists presented a molecule based on carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Upon exposure to sunlight it turned into isomers – molecules with the same chemical formula but with different spatial arrangement of atoms. They used it in the system, which is called molecular storage of solar energy (MOST – ed.). During the year they worked to improve it.

First, the scientists changed the composition NUTRISYSTEM fluid, which previously consisted of highly flammable toluene. Without it, the design became more secure. Second, it changed the design of the molecule, which increased the term of conservation of energy to 18.

In order to free the imprisoned energy, liquid isomer must pass through the catalyst. The reaction increases the temperature of the liquid at 63 degrees Celsius. This means that if the initial temperature of the isomer was 20 degrees, then after the interaction with the catalyst it will increase to 83.

The authors suggest that the BRIDGE will stand on rooftops to absorb sunlight during the summer. Then when the cold time of the year, its owners will be able to pass the isomer through the filter, and that, releasing heat for heating, and later back to the vault for the new intake of energy.

According to the head of research Kasper moth-Poulsen, this cyclic system can help to get rid of the sources of energy that pollute the atmosphere. In the future, scientists plan to increase the temperature to 110 degrees Celsius. In this scenario they are going to release the finished product in the next ten years.

As reported 5.UA scientists of the Montreal Institute for scientific research have invented a device that can reflect light rays and to conceal objects from human eyes.

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